Flange size matters

Learn how to find the optimal flange for you!

There's a new approach to flange fitting and it is NOT just about measuring nipples...there's more to it than that. Find out more now!

Whether you pump, plan to pump or support pumping people, this guide is for you!

You've seen pump companies and other lactation helpers recommend to measure your nipples and add
2-5 mm to get your flange size. We disagree.

Pumping (and nursing) should feel like nothing or a gentle tug: no pain, no pinching, and no damage. Getting the perfect flange fit for each side of the body is the key. Left side is often different than the right side (they are sisters, not twins!).

There is actually no evidence for the flange sizes that come as standard with pumps (!) and now there IS clinical evidence that this sizing method works better--because it helps you determine which flanges to try and then YOU decide what feels best, gets the most milk out and in the least amount of time. Try it today or recommend it to someone you care about.

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